• Marine Collagen

    Marine collagen has antioxidant properties that have been used in skin-care products to prevent or even repair the damage caused by environmental factors, such as UV rays and low humidity, including damage associated with the aging process. It hydrates and absorbs moisture back into the skin and which in turns helps diminishes fine lines.

  • Matrixyl Synthe 6

    Matrixyl Synthe 6 is a special peptide that works by stimulating the skin and smoothing out wrinkles. It stimulates the 6 major areas of the skin matrix and dermal-epidermal junction that cover Collagen I, Collagen III, Collagen IV, Fibronectin, Hyaluronic acid and Laminin 5. It supports the structure of the cells and improves the skins ability to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid. This allows them to become stronger and more elastic, which makes the skin look fuller and younger. Matrixyl Synthe 6 provides the right nutrients and is safe to use on skin.

  • Repair Complex

    Repair Complex is derived from Lysate from Bifidobacteria, this active ingredient has anti-aging properties and can protect your skin from harmful UV derived damage. The UV radiation can cause immunosuppression by shutting off the skins local immune system leading to cell damage. Repair Complex CLR helps stop the suppression by activating the anti-immunosuppression properties, increasing the repair process and supports the skins protection systems thus prevents any damage from photo aging.

  • Preregen

    Preregen is a special active ingredient that fights against harsh environmental effects on the skin. It contains a naturally derived peptide from soybean (Glycine Soja Protein) that is free radical neutralising, elastic inhibiting properties and anti-ozone activity. Therefore reduces the accelerated aging of the skin due to the stress factors from ozone, pollution and UV irritation.


    Avoid areas near the eyes.
    If product does enter the eye(s) wash thoroughly with water.
    For external use only.
    Keep out of reach of children. Do not use for children below 3 years old.
    Keep lid tightly closed.

  • Made in


  • Usage

    • Use every day and night on cleansed skin.

    • Apply a thin layer to your skin and massage slightly in circles all over your face.

  • Storage

    Store at dry and cool temperature place.

  • Ingredients

    Aqua (Water), C12-15 Alkyl benzoate, Caprylic/Capric triglyceride, Octyldodecanol, Glycerin, Polysorbate 60, Sorbitan stearate, Triethylhexanoin, Butyrospermum parkii butter, Cetearyl alcohol, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl glycol, Carbomer, Bifida ferment lysate, Chlorphenesin, Caprylhydroxamic acid, Retinyl palmitate, Tocopheryl acetate, Sodium hydroxide, Soluble collagen, Parfum (Fragrance), Hydrolyzed myrtus communis leaf extract, Glycine soja (Soybean) protein, Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, Sodium benzoate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Acetic acid, Lactic acid, Sodium dextran sulfate, Superoxide dismutase, Palmitoyl tripeptide-38, Potassium sorbate

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debra bowlin

my favorite

I love how it help's reduce my fine lines and wrinkles and it moisturize my skin.My skin fells so hydrated.