About Us

Ausco, Inc., a wholesale distributor, holds well-known household brands such as LOVER'S CARE, LOVERCARE, LOVERCARE BABYMAC, WELLWISSE, LOVER'S HAIR PROFESSIONAL, LOVER'S HAIROW, LOVER'S HAIR SALON, LOV√ČRSE, NATUROMA, COMSILK, and SOFTLAN. We also develop our products at very competitive prices. We focus on using innovative technologies that are environmental friendly to deliver high quality products to our customers.

Our warehouse at Ausco, Inc. is an enormous 12,500 sq feet and our showroom is over 4000 sq feet, with a massive range of products. Our philosophy is: Slim margin, and high turnover, so you can make good sale from our products.

We work with experts from all over the world to develop and manufacture special formulas for our products using quality natural ingredients that are gentle and beneficial to our customers. Consumer satisfaction with our brand has been overwhelming and our team strive to bring more quality products for you to choose from.

Our friendly website and helpful team make it easier for our customers to purchase our products and ensure top service wherever we are dispatching to. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at Ausco, Inc., we welcome any inquiries that you might have and all prospects from our potential clients.